Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Chopped' Winner

Aarti just recently won the special edition of Chopped with her fellow The Next Food Network Stars alumi to compete for charity. I was rooting for Aarti and thrilled that she won! She was on before but was chopped off after round 2 (entree round).

Matching Wall & Bed Spread

Whatcha Doin' Jeremy?

Swinging on the Star

On the Move

Then & Now

Laura Wright and Roger Howarth have worked together twice
 As Ally and Kent on Loving
As Carly and Todd on General Hospital

Sneaking Around

Birthday Girl

Katherine Kelly Lang from The Bold & the Beautiful just had her birthday this week

Zoltan's Birthday

The First Husband

Elizabeth Montgomery's first husband, Fred Cammann. The marriage did not last very long, though...

Natural Light

Triple A Babies

Turned 50 Yesterday

No joke, I really thought Alton Brown was older than he actually was...I really thought he was over 50...whoops

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love This PIcture

Fleetwood Mac Newbies

Her DAYS Are Numbered

Sarah's stint on Days of Our Lives is almost over, I think August 15 or 16th. Don't watch the soap though...

Press Tour

New York Neighborhood

Meet His Maker

Well apparently Christopher Meloni's Roman got killed off on True Blood...so they say...

No PETA in the 70s

Pouty Faces

Faithful Assistant & Companion: Dougal Butler

Crime Tape

Comic Con 2012

Performing on "Bones"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking Like Marilyn Monroe

I know that Jayne Mansfield was pretty unch under Marilyn Monroe's shadow. They are pretty similiar in looks, style, bleaching their hair, being sex symbols...but there were differences. Jayne had five children while Marilyn didn't (although she did wanted them; she even got pregnant a couple of times but she miscarried), Jayne also came to work and knew her lines while Marilyn would get the studio heads fed up by being way late and messing up constantly, especially near the end of her life. I'm sure there's more but those were off the top of my head. And besides, this isn't a contest. At least for me. I love them both and I do see them as two different ladies with similiar paths. And besides, Marilyn wasn't the original...that title belongs to Jean Harlow. 

Dusty Singing

The Only Intelligent Actor She Ever Met

Family of KISS Fans

Saturday, July 21, 2012

In the Corner

John Lennon Was Handsome

Crimp The Hair

Smart Line Up

I Want to Play With Your Hand

Pretty In Pink

Teaching Mariska How to Sign Autographs

Alternate title: Showing Mariska Her Future

Spa Lady


Bromance Marriage

Jayne's Youngest Child

Poor Tony Cimber. He was about a year and a half when his mother Jayne Mansfield died. Do you remember anything when you were a year old? I don't. His big sister Mariska was 3 years old and her own memories are sketchy/blurry. I remember from seeing a Jayne documentary that his father Matt remarried (I've heard twice over, but anyway) and one of the wives adopted Tony as her own. It's nice to know that Jayne's kids were all well looked after after their mother's death. Jayne Marie had her father's family, the Hargitay children had Mickey and his second wife/widow Ellen, and Tony had his stepmother as well as all the children had their grandmother Vera too.

Walking Tent

Barbara Eden was pregnant with her son Matthew during the first season of "I Dream of Jeannie" and in order to hide her growing belly, the wardrobe department put on an extra scraf to cover. Barbara always described herself as a walking tent.

A Working Couple

Wedding Day