Saturday, July 29, 2017

Longest TV Character on TV: Scotty Baldwin

You Are My Sunshine

Toddler & Cub


Riding Dumbo

Listening to Records

Feeling Blue

Sunset Glow

Poof & Tassel

Floppy Hat

Fun with Stepmother

Quiet Man, Loud Fingers

Babs & Agoo

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Yummy of the Mood

Topher Grace. If there's anybody that I relate to on That 70's Show it would be Eric Forman. Different upbringing and such, but connected. However, my babe of choice was Ashton Kutcher. Topher came in second...

Peeking Brother

Mimicking Guitar

Proud of Husband

Colorful Patterns

Another Recent Birthday

Love Beyond Space

Leather Pair

Floral Elegance

Present & Past Dillon

Two Goo Dolls

Blue Mane

Gritty & Perfectionist

Lucky Girl

Burst of Color



Aspiring Model

Welcome Benjamin Parma Ritter