Monday, March 25, 2013

Alton Knives-hand

Pretty in Pink

Sandy Goddess

"Pregnancy" Glow

Although now that Julie Berman is no longer on the show, I'm trying to get whatever of her Lulu pictures/screencaps I have to get them up before her replacement shows up in about a month or so from now. These are my favorite scene(s) from last year when Lulu found out that she was "pregnant" and told Dante, who nearly choked to death! It was hysterical and sweet. Unfortunately, Lulu's pregnancy was a false alarm...but the performances from both Julie and Dominic were great! They really did had great chemistry.


Tex's Singing Granddaughter

Todd on OLTL 2.0

 Viki and Todd
 Blair, Clint, Viki, Matthew, Todd and Destiny
 Blair, Clint, Viki, Matthew, Todd and Destiny
Viki and Todd

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quinn, Daria's Sister

TV Cousins

Goin' to the Oscars

Keith's Best Friend & Wife

Teenage Courtney

Laura's Baby

Too Many Apples

Wearing Pink

Cool Chic Chick

Roasting Joan Rivers

Waiting For the Right Time

Alexandra Zuck