Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are You Bored Linda?

Welcoming Back Robin to Good Morning America

The characters from General Hospital: (from Left to right)
Patrick, Britt, Scotty, Todd, Sonny, Connie/Kate, Carly, Epiphany, Luke, Heather, Felix, Anna, Duke, Laura, Felicia, Sabrina, and Frisco

Daytime TV's Partners in Crime

Robin Mattson (Heather Webber) and Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) posing for People's General Hospital 50th Anniversary special edition. I do love their chemistry! Todd can't stand Heather and yet...they do work well together! Can't help it!

This Lulu Has Left the Building

Earlier this week, Julie Marie Berman taped her final scenes as Lesley Lu (Lulu) Spencer Falconeri after about 7 years being on General Hospital. Why is she leaving? It sounds to me that she wants to further her acting wings after doing a TV movie last year. From what I understand, the role will be recast.

I'm hoping that Julie would at least be there for GH's 50th anniversary- which is coinciding with the Nurses' Ball. But I'm not too sure about that because from other actors' tweets, there's been lots of fittings in gowns, costumes, etc. so I'm doubting it now. Her contract was up in November but stayed an extra 3 months. Why not stay for another extra month to be part of the anniversary special? (That could be said for Steve Burton, who was on the show for 22 years but left last October) I really thought that Julie was a perfect fit as Luke and Laura's kid- she looked like Laura but had Luke's spunk. It'll be tough for a recast to fill those shoes that Julie molded as it usually is, especially with a legacy character.
Of course I wish Julie luck but I just feel it's bad timing. Her TV mother (Genie Francis- Laura Spencer) just came back, as well as her TV aunt (Jackie Zeman- Bobbie Spencer) and the 50th anniversary. Again, couldn't she hold it for an extra month? Guess not.

This is why I don't like putting actor's names on Labels/tags on the bottom of this post-entry! Actors leave but characters stay (or they leave with them) so it's hardly good use!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Would've Been 70 Today

At the Academy Awards

Waiting to Present an Award

At the Oscars

Daytona 500

 with Danica Patrick
 with Jimmie Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Bellows

The Next Food Network Star Gang

"Sitting" in Air...on Ladders (Behind the Magic)

Spy Car