Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two of Us

This is a very happy picture indeed...but I can't help feel a little sad that they are the only two left. It's very bittersweet.

Pirate Lady

They Have a Fancy for Nancy

I Hope That Gun is Not Loaded!

Young Love Story

Mirror Image?

Strange as it seems but this is the only time where I noticed the picture of Cynthia looking a lot like Barbara (or is it Barbara looking like Cynthia?). Barbara's show, I Dream of Jeannie, wasn't on air JUST yet- I Dream of Jeannie came out in 1965- and that picture of Cynthia was taken in 1964 at the A Hard Day's Night premiere. However I don't think the picture of Barbara was taken around I Dream of Jeannie, more around the 1970s. But anyway, there's some resemblence between those two pics!

Dillon & Georgie

Probably my all time favorite pairing from General Hospital- Dillon Quatermaine and Georgie Jones. Although it was teen/puppy love, I believe it was also true love too. However they are no longer on the show anymore. Georgie is dead and Dillon is out fullfillling his dream as a movie director...I will say that Dillon was devastated by Georgie's death. This pairing remains a special place in my heart.

Father and Son

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

Michael Easton, actor on a soap One Life to Live playing John McBain, a police detective. I haven't really watched OLTL in a few years, only recently started watching it on and off. I remember Michael being a guest star on Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke!

Actress & Author

Script Reading

"My character had all these speeches, and Jason would just say one word or one line. My manager also represents Steve Burton, so we had that connection. He's funny. Very kooky." -James Franco

Carly, Carly, Carly

Sarah Brown (the original Carly) with Carly #2, Tamara Braun
Sarah with Carly #4, Laura Wright

Macca & Jules


Big Giant Step