Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

Freddie Mercury. Yes, I know he was gay but that doesn't bother me. I love him during this time period (pre-moustache) during the 1970s. His death in 1991 was the first 'celebrity' death that affected me, the kind that "where were you when..." moment. I was, and still is, a big Queen fan as a child.

SVU Marriage

Elliot and Kathy

Soapy Love

Dante and Lulu
Sam and Jason
Tracy and Luke
Johnny and Olivia
Diane and Max

These are the current couples I root for on General Hospital


Jane and Paul
May and John
Ringo and Nancy Andrews
Paul and Nancy Shevell

It's Only Love

John and Cynthia
Ringo and Maureen
Pattie and George
Paul and Linda
Yoko and John
George and Olivia
Barbara and Ringo
Heather and Paul

Friday, February 12, 2010

Childhood Hero

I was such a She Ra: Princess of Power fan when I was a child while the cartoon was out, I used to imitate her and would call out "In the honor of Grayskull!!!" Now I proudly own the DVDs. Some things in your childhood that you used to love never goes away and carries itself in a special place in the heart.

Ringo and Mo

February 11th would have been Ringo and Maureen's 45th wedding anniversary. However they divorced in 1975 after ten years of marriage and three kids; Maureen died in 1994. I really think they were such a cute couple and I respect them alot for remaining friends after their divorce, continuing parent duties, and Ringo being at Maureen's bedside when she died. I have never heard about an ex-husband staying vigil at his ex-wife's bedside, I'm sure it does happen but it's rarely talked about.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm With the Band

Peekaboo Cynthia I see you! Welcoming John and the Beatles home from their Austrialian tour in 1964.

Birthday Girl

Happy 40th to Isabel Gillies, actress and author

SuperBowl Starr

I didn't watch the Superbowl, I only wanted to watch the Halftime show with the Who. Zak Starkey banging away on the drums! I wonder if Ringo Starr watched?

Loved Them

I was looking over these photos and I realized something, when Jasper Jax was with Skye Chandler Quatermaine that was the last time I really liked him. Now Jax has been on my crap list on General Hospital for quite sometime now. It stinks when a character that you really used to like become such a sorehead. I think it's only because when Jax was with Skye, he wasn't obsessed over Sonny like he normally is, especially when involved with Sonny's ex lovers/wives. With Skye, she was neither of those things although she used Sonny to get Jax's attention. It was a happy day when they got married but once when Jax realized that Brenda was alive, it just went downhill from there. I never felt the same way again with Jax; as for Skye, well, I did enjoy her scenes with Luke Spencer! So it didn't exactly crash and burn.