Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beatles' Wives Recently

 Cynthia Lennon with her son Julian and Princess Charlene of Monaco in July of 2013
 Pattie Boyd with boyfriend Rod Weston in September of 2014
 Yoko Ono in September of 2014
 Olivia Harrison, Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach in September of 2014
 Heather Mills in March of 2014
Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell in September of 2014
Maureen Starkey died in 1994; Linda McCartney died in 1998

Comic Con Q&A

Fledging Star

Elizabeth Victoria

In the City


Fly Baby, Fly!

Bobby and Candy

Stand Up Comedians

Filming in Front of Green Screen

From Christopher Meloni's Instagram

Star Struck


Linda's Music Teacher

“Paul was showing Linda some kind of chord shape on the Hammond B3. I think we were playing the song Again And Again And Again – she played organ on that one. I love the fact that there’s a spray can of contact cleaner on the top. Those old analogue devices needed a fair amount of maintenance. This was in Scotland, in the barn. There’s a beam of sunlight shining through the skylight and into the studio. That corner of the room had the Fender Rhodes and the Minimoog and the ARP synthesizer as well.”
Photographed by Wings guitarist Laurence Juber

Tune Up

Astronaunt & Genie

Don't Say Anything!

Underrated Musician

Walk the Walk

Keep Warm

With Dad

Worldly Man

Ying & Yang


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Cynthia!

I Didn't Do It!

Loving Mom

Real and Reel Sons

Glow 'n' Sexy

Sismance (think bromance)

Take a Selfie

Supportive Friend

Young Yet Lasting Love