Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rockin' Birthday

Accused of Sexual Assault

Getting sexual assaulted and being accused of sexual assault is no joke. David was accused after his death- he can't defend himself and probably wouldn't have been able to due to his dementia. Mario did admit of wrong doing, he got fired from his day job and I believe he stepped down from his restaurants. Jeremy denied it and passed the polygraph lie detector test. Nick also denied any wrong doing and has been living his life despite the accusation hanging over his head, same with Danny (who has several women coming forward). James was also accused by multiple women however their accusations came at a convenient curious time right after he won his Golden Globe. As for Gene, I am hardly not surprised since he was quite a sex hound, his vice being women rather than drinking and drugs.

All that being said, I decided not to banned them from my blog. I am a woman and I do NOT condone any kind of sexual misconduct behavior however I also believe that they are innocent until proven guilty (with the exception of Mario). I am still in awe of their talents. This blog is about entertainment purposes only.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018