Tuesday, May 23, 2017

General Princess Leia Organa

Moore. Roger Moore.

The New Iron Chef

Iron Chicks

Daring Seduction

Phone & Smiles

Book Lover

Author Night Out

Isn't He Cute?

Modern Presley

Happy Gang

Inauguration Band

Sunny Day

Boy & Jew (Gotta watch the show to understand the title)

Fraternal Twins

Trailer Talk

She Did It!

The Cunningham Family

Get Whipped

Always Important to Bring an Umbrella

The One Who Loved Stephanie

Army Dance

Not the Same Without Freddie

“It’s his choice. He doesn’t contact us. John was quite delicate all along. He could be very outgoing and very funny, but I think some of the stuff that happened in Munich gave him a lot of damage, and I think losing Freddie was very hard for him as well. He found that incredibly hard to process, to the point where actually playing with us made it more difficult.”
Brian May, 2017

Mama's Boy

The Youngest & The Eldest

Dirty Weekend

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spotlight on Peace

One More Year to 80

Two Grandbabies On the Way!

Congratulations to both Carly and Tyler on your pending parenthood!

Hanging Out

Drive By

The Van Dyke Band

Reunited & It Felt So Good


Mystery Basket

Dolenz & Daughters

Lady in Red