Friday, October 29, 2010

At the White House

From One to the Other

In Cynthia's 2005 autobiography, "John", Cynthia wrote in the caption that this postcard was from Paul. Not so: when you write a note to someone, chances are that you will sign your name first before including other members of the family. Another clue is the handwriting. I have seen both Paul's handwriting and Linda's and this one is Linda's. I also asked two huge McCartney fans for their input and both agreed that this was Linda's handwriting.

Another thing, I find this really interesting. When Linda and Paul got together romantically, John and Cynthia were already divorcing so Linda and Cynthia did not really ever got a chance to social each other as Cynthia used to do with Maureen, Pattie, and Jane at the time (as for Linda, it was Yoko, Barbara, Olivia, as well as Maureen and Pattie). I do know that they have encountered a few times but there's no proof other than this postcard of their relationship whatsoever.

I do know Linda had more contact with Julian though...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

In 2001, I got hooked on another soap opera called One Life to Live while waiting for General Hospital to come on. At first I didn't really pay attention and then, next thing I know, I was looking forward to see what will happen the next day! What really attracted me to the show was Roger Howarth who played Todd Manning. Bad boy but you just had to watch him no matter what you felt for him (hate or love or even love to hate). However just a few short years, Roger decided to leave OLTL for another soap, As the World Turns, until it's recent end. What Roger plans on what to do next is questionable but in the meantime, he's right here joining in on the Yummy of the Mood ranks!

To note: I did not watch As the World Turns. I think I saw maybe two episodes with Roger's first airdate and later when Sarah Brown briefly joined the soap but other than that, never watched it.

Budding Actress

Beatle Kid in the Middle

Lots of Notes

Follow the Leader

Rock 'n' Beauty

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goodbye Mr. C

"Tom's insight, talent, strength of character and comic timing made him a vital central figure in the 'Happy Days' experience. A great father and husband, and a wonderful artist, Tom led by example, and made us all laugh while he was doing it. My last conversations with Tom reflected the love of life and peace of mind that he always maintained throughout his full and rewarding life. I miss him already" -Ron Howard

"He was my husband for 11 years and the father of the company in many ways,. He was so smart he could fix the end of a joke or a scene on the spot. We made a perfect couple. I played piccolo to his tuba." -Marion Ross

"Tom was a family member, both on and off the sound stage. We acted together, traveled together and played charades together. He was a loving husband, a doting father and a fantastic grandfather. He will be so missed but never forgotten by the Winkler Family or the world." -Henry Winkler

Friday, October 15, 2010

Windy Photo Shoot

On the Set

Killer Band

Getting Ready

Friendly Divorce

"Bill Powell is the only intelligent actor I've ever met." -Carole Lombard

This picture was actually taken at their wedding...These two are the only actors I can really think of that worked together after their divorce. William Powell and Carole were in three movies together, one of them was made a few years after their divorce, My Man Godfrey. From what I heard, William insisted that Carole has a role in the film much to the surprise/shock to the movie moguls, producers, etc. At the time divorce couples working together was unheard of and yet, both William and Carole remained friends after their divorce until Carole died in 1942. William was right: Carole got an Oscar nomination for her role in My Man Godfrey (but she lost, bummer).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Doctor August

Julian and Pattie

Unmatched Couple

Sonny is a mobster. Alexis is a lawyer who wants to stop all the violence (she used to be a mob lawyer). Sonny and Alexis had an one-night stand that conceived a daughter, Kristina. But I was never supportive of their pairing or anything by any means. However, there is a very good reason why I wanted to post this: a year ago Sonny and Claudia threw a 'mobster' party and Sonny went to warn Alexis of what was going on...this was, still is, the funniest dialog I have ever heard!
Alexis: A mob party, cool.
Sonny: Yeah?
Alexis: RSVP or die.
Sonny: You want to keep the streets safe, right?
Alexis: I was just sort of thinking of the party games you could play- bobbing for body parts, pin the tale on the squealer. Or you could play musical chairs. Whoever doesn't get a chair loses a limb.

Batman and Robin

I rarely put Yoko pictures up but this one I make an exception. This picture I always called it "Batman and Robin" because, well, look at it! They are both running, they have capes flying behind them. By the way, to note: John is Batman and Yoko is Robin!