Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Three Websites

I have three websites...

Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison dedicated to George Harrison's widow. This is my first website I've ever done, I'm a Beatles' wives fan as well! She didn't really have much sites dedicated to her, I only remember one but that has now been gone for quite sometime now so mine is pretty much 'it'. There's a few pages dedicated to Olivia, sure, but it's only one page from a big site featuring others.

Beatles' Kids dedicated to all the Beatles' children, all the offsprings of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Apparently it's very was inspired by my own Yahoo Group that I had (still have) dedicated to them and it just grew from there.

Enchanting Isabel Gillies dedicated to author of "Happens Every Day" and actress, recurring role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Kathy Stabler. My actual first site that has absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles! Ok, I'm wrong, I did have two sites, one dedicated to Carol Cleveland who was in Monty Python and the other about Keith Moon but they are long gone, didn't even last a year! Well EIG just celebrated it's first birthday and I'm very proud of the site, it'll keep going for as long as I can (same goes for Mexican Beauty and Beatles' Kids). I'm also very pleased to report that Isabel does know about the site and is very touched, flattered by it! Even more reason to keep it going...

John Lennon Was Handsome

I frequent some boards and in one ( there's a thread of John Lennon being very handsome and posted some links to show off. He was indeed a lovely looking guy! However I'm picky. I prefer the non-Yoko Ono years, when John was healthy looking, he didn't look like a skeleton: The Cynthia Lennon and May Pang years I think John looked at his best. Fat? NO! John was NOT fat! I don't know why he thought that...maybe he felt that way but no, looking at him during that era I don't see it. In fact, I want to jump his bones...

There's plenty of more pictures I would love to add but I would also like to stretch them out so you will be seeing more John is Handsome posts soon!


This is my first blog ever. I have seen quite a number of blogs, even visit frequently a few and decided to just go with it. I have kept saying that in the New Year I'll have my own blog and well, it's December 31, 2009 and tomorrow will be a New Year so I'm prepared!

In this blog, it's just going to be random Entertainment things that I like. I'm not going to get personal. It'll be filled with my favorite musicians, actors/actresses, books, tv, movies, music. Heads up: I really love the Beatles so it'll be mostly them!

So I hope you'll enjoy and come back often, become my frequent visitor and happy reading!