Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John Lennon's (Half) Sisters

John had three half-sisters- Victoria/Ingrid, Julia and Jacqui (as well as two half brothers but more about that in a second). John only knew of Julia and Jacqui. He was five when Victoria was born and was given up for adoption as she was conceived by another man while Julia was still married to John's father. John barely had an recollection since he was very young at the time and was pretty under wraps and tight-lipped. Julia and Jacqui- although Julia was STILL married to John's father (as she would be up until she died, she never divorced him) she was in a committed relationship with their father, John Dykins aka Bobby or Twitchy as John used to call him behind his back. John was pretty close to his sisters but there had been many years when they didn't talk- not in anger just life on different paths in general- but John and Julia reconnected in the 1970s until his death in 1980. Julia (and Jacqui) is close to her former sister in law Cynthia.

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