Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Want Those Flowers

The Art of Rap

Head Scarf

Vampire Authority

Gotta love this- when my two shows, Law & Order: SVU and General Hospital, come together! With Christopher Meloni as the Head and Carolyn Hennessy (who plays Diane, a former lawyer of Sonny Corinthos for many years and made the record of not falling into his charms and getting into bed with him like so many other female lawyers and FBI agents have done...instead she fell for Max, his bodyguard!) as a board member.

His & Hers Long Hair

Visiting Her Piano Man

The Next Food Network Star Mentors

I'm rooting for...
Bobby's Team: Malcolm
Giada's Team: Ippy and Linkie
Alton's Team: Justin and maybe Emily Ellen if she cuts down on her constant "retro-rad"

Who I really want to GO:
Bobby's Team: Michelle- saw her on Chopped and she left in the second round (entree) when she served undercooked lentils. But that's not the reason why I want her to go. It's more so her lying saying she hates catfish and then told the audience she loves it...I get that you are trying to sell a product (if you like it or not) but at least do a little spin on it saying "I am not crazy about catfish but when I tried this from the restuarant, it changed my tone!". You don't have to LIE but give a little oomphf to it. Another thing, about Chopped, was that when to NFNS did an Chopped-inspired episode, Michelle didn't say a single thing about being on the show; yet Yvan from Giada's team did. Don't erase your show's history, please. I'm also a bit annoyed with Nikki. Her POV is sexy grilling...okay...that's all fine and dandy, but do you really have to thrown in sex? Sorry but I don't want to get all hot and bothered when there's a hot grill in the same room. That's just dangerous!

Giada's Team: Well, it was pretty much Josh and he's already history, so...I'm not too crazy about Martita, her Ay Mio Dios (or however she says it) is getting on my nerves whenever something goes wrong. I think that should be the title of her cooking show (if she wins).
I don't mind Yvan, he's in the middle with me.

Alton's Team: Judson already left, so now it's Martie who I wouldn't mind saying Adios to. She talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and doesn't know when or how to stop. I DO like her, oddly enough, but the way she yammers on, I don't see how she will find the time to cook IF she wins.

Private Moment


Just Woke Up?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Dhani Harrison and Solveig Karadottir got married on June 2, 2012 at Friar Park with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr attending (and, of course, his mother Olivia!).
Solveig (or Sola) reminds me a long of Dhani's father George's first wife, Pattie Boyd. Hmmm...well anyway, congratuations to the bride and groom.

Godfrey loves me! He put me in the shower!

A classic scene from My Man Godfrey, starring ex-marrieds William Powell and Carole Lombard

Long Lost Quatermaine

Apparently, Robert Frank (aka Franco, a famous artist) turned out to be Jason Morgan's long lost twin brother (a classic soap opera thing), and the son of Alan Quatermaine and Susan Moore.

Cynthia's Longest Marriage

Wow. This is Cynthia Lennon's longest marriage to Noel Charles by 10 years.
Her first marriage to John Lennon lasted 6 years (he left her for Yoko Ono...Idiot)
Her second marriage to Roberto Bassanini lasted 3 years (he was pretty much immature, basically)
Her third marriage to John Twist lasted about 7 years (Julian didn't get along with him; plus their relationship wasn't exactly based on truths- by the time they already lived together, Cynthia learned that he was still married)

Terry & Jane

Terry Gilliam from Monty Python with Jane Asher. Wanna hear something funny/ironic? Terry was good friends with George Harrison, former bandmate of Paul McCartney who dated Jane Asher. Terry is still good friend with George's widow, Olivia. How about that for full circle?

Dream Brother

Chaz (then Chastity) used to beg her mom for a baby 1977, she (well, he, but at the time he was a she) got her wish. She also got her wish again later on when Sonny welcomed a son, Cheasere (he'll be featured in the near future. Eventually. When I remember.)

Kids Choice Awards Down Under

Rock Star & Playboy Model

TV Cartoon Couples

Tom Petty (Lucky), Kathy N...crap can't spell her name (Peggy), Mike Judge (Hank), and the late Brittany Murphy (Luanne).
Hank and Peggy were married as were Lucky and Luanne on King of the Hill, hince the title of the blog post! (In case you were confused as none of them are married to each other in real life)

Alexa In the Middle

Would've Been a Decade

If Paul and Heather stayed married, they would've celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary yesterday. It just feels like last week when they got married and then divorced. It's amazing how fast time goes by! Now Paul is married to someone else and Heather is dating someone else while they are both raising their daughter. I'm glad that they are now happy with their lives.

Seat Dancing

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chris on 'True Blood'


Anne Heche and Francesca Gregorini (Ringo Starr's stepdaughter)

Get this:
Anne Heche dated Ellen DeGeneres
Francesca dated Portia de Rossi
Ellen and Portia got married
that's it

I just find this picture amusing.

Open Sun Roof

Loving His Sister

Pirate Love (That Didn't Last)

I really do love this picture of the two of them

Cat Lover

Hope's Biological Father- Deacon Sharpe

I remember Sean Kanan playing AJ Quatermaine on General Hospital for a brief time (it was actually longer than that but during my watching time, it was brief for me)


Common Law

I really like this show...
Warren Kole, Michael Ealy, Jack McGee (he was on Rescue Me), and Sonja Walger

Christie's Little Blondes