Sunday, March 18, 2012

Olivia's Longest Boyfriend (so far)

Not to mention that for the moment, it's been kept under the covers (very punny!) her co-workers don't know it. Olivia is a detective while David Haden (play by Harry Connick Jr) is a ADA- conflict of interest.

But you know what? Olivia has been finally getting a life outside of work and being happy, especially after Elliot left. She's getting out of her mopey funk and I'm glad.

Miss Brown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

When Two Legends Collide

Whatcha Lookin' At Cyn?

Feeding & Swimming With Dolphins

Paul, Ringo, Dusty, & Tom Jones

Trying to Be Innocent

Missed Opportunity

"I was everything Georgie wanted, and I was too blind to see it. There's a lot of regret there. He realizes now what a great love that could have been." -Bradford Anderson

I agree with him. As much as I was (still am) a Dillon-Georgie 'shipper', Dillon was already off the show and Georgie was pushed to the back burner for sometime until the storyline with Spinelli came up. However, not even when Georgie and Spinelli got started, Georgie was killed off. Oh, that just broke my heart and it still does. A pointless death- the writers could've sent her off to college or off to be with Dillon. I did saw the potential between Georgie and Spinelli, I did root for them to get together. It's just a shame that the writers, the Head (sucky) writer at the time Robert Guza, and then-ABC Daytime President Brian Frons (who's responsible of canceling All My Children and One Life to Live- if you see him, please throw egg in his face on behalf of me) decided to kill Georgie off. A pointless death. (General Hospital has done many pointless deaths but this one is really high up on my list! Georgie was one of my favorite characters)