Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Willow

December 30, 1994 was the day Mary (Maureen) Cox Starkey Tigrett passed away, 16 years ago. She was the ex wife of Ringo Starr from the Beatles and she survived by husband Isaac Tigrett, and her children Zak, Jason, Lee, and Augusta. She is still missed today. Rest in Peace Mo.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

John Lennon from The Beatles. He has been featured here numberous times and has never once was "Yummy of the Mood" until now. Why? Well I figured that this will more than likely be the final post of 2010 so why not make it a special occasion? He is obviously a favorite and I wouldn't be surprised if you are thinking "When will John be Yummy of the Mood? She's crazy about him!!" well here you go! My sexy man. I love this era of him. 1965. Oh my God that hair of his, how I want to comb my fingers through that hair. And that body. And those arms, he can hold me at anytime. Hear me ghost of John Lennon? If you want a hug, hug me.


I am really fond of this picture because it really showed how John was with Julian. There's many accounts on how John ignored Julian while growing up and that may be true to a degree but a moment like this, these little cracks of truth that has John being very affectionate with Julian while wiping something off his mouth like a typical parent would be doing. I believe that no matter what John was going through at the time that prevented him from being a better father that he could have been, he did love Julian.

Vanilla & Chocolate

I know these two pictures look the same but look closely at Ice-T's mouth, his lips moved!

Coach McGuirk

Ready to Show



Jane Alice Peters

Those Arms


The 6 Foot Hero

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Fab Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Police Work

Pattie's George

Taken by Pattie Boyd. I love this picture of George!! He looked so relaxed and sexy...

Flying Home

Family Love

Lennon Brothers

Billy & Katie

Billy Joel and Katie Lee are going through a divorce (or already divorced? don't know for sure) and despite the age difference I thought they were a cute couple together and was sad that it didn't last.

California New York Girl

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's In His Kiss

Having a Good Laugh

The Presley Women

Back to Back

Only Knew 3 Chords

Culinary Lover

Ted Allen was on Queer Eye for a Straight Guy some years ago but I didn't watch that. Instead I watched Ted on Top Chef, Iron Chef America, and now Chopped. He's one of the guys I would just like to hug despite him being gay (rats!)

I'm With Paul

Paul with actor Paul Rudd when they both appeared on Saturday Night Live together. Although I do like Paul Rudd, he won't be appearing on my blog, this will be his one-and-only appearance (unless there's a rare exception like this one!)

Chef and Actress

Super Model

Christie Brinkley is one of the names I grew up with; she was a big-time model when I was a child and I've always admired her, still do. She's in her 50's and I think she still looks great!

Yellow Flowers