Saturday, February 27, 2016

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Affection on the Red Carpet

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Double Birthday Celebration

Haiti Relief

"She's here, she's seeing, she's made the effort to come here, and I'm thrilled by that. She has a unique platform, and wherever she chooses to bring that to, it's very well."
"I don't know if I called her or if it was one time that we ran into each other but, I said, 'Would you like to come down?' She said she would. She came down with her son Rocco and it was great to have them down there."
-Sean Penn

"What an incredible organisation Sean had created. Anybody who’s gone to Haiti will have experienced what he has built, what he has done. How he has changed Haiti in the last six and a half years is indescribable. I’m so proud of you – so proud to know you. 
Everywhere he went, people just, the crowds just parted, and it wasn’t because he’s a movie star and it’s not because he was carrying six guns. It’s because he put his heart and soul into this and with the help of so many people around the world and in this room. So I want to say that, Sean, I love you. From the moment that I laid eyes on you. And I still love you, just the same. I just wish you would stop smoking so many cigarettes.”