Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yummy of the Mood

Jason Thompson from 'General Hospital', playing Dr. Patrick Drake. He's taken but whatever- I can still look! He has the cutest dimples and I think he's been killing it lately on the soap. Then again Jason has had quite a number of powerful performances ever since he joined the show.

Two of a Kind

I really like their friendship...and dare I say it? I think Nikki and Courtney (same name as his fiance) would make a perfect pair. Yes, I dare say that. I believe they have more in common than Nikki does with his fiance. But then again, they would also probably end up killing one another too. I'm happy that they're friends!

Rachael's Boo & Isaboo

Lethal Charmers

Heather and Barbara were in a (TV I think?) film together called Lethal Charm

Ari Gold: From Small to Big Screen

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Top Chair

They're Slightly Mad

Sonny & Cher

Rare Singing Duet

Say Hi

Red Hoodie

Serving the Legend

Putting On Make Up

The Mac Girls

Three Cookateers

Lousy Passenger

Heading Towards Doom

And I'm not happy...
Britt's lies about her not being the biological mother of Ben but Nikolas' sister Lulu is. It's bound to end. I'm not very happy. I am a little hopeful that down the line there would be forgiveness and a reunion but I am NOT looking forward to the idea of Nikolas being with his former lover and sister-in-law Elizabeth. I hated that pairing! I fast forwarded the first time around and it looks like that I may be doing the same thing the second go-around. So yeah, not happy.

Beach Loving Family



Best 14 Years

Behind Cyn

You can read my piece of John and Cynthia Lennon on my In My Write Mind blog

The Bass Man