Friday, December 27, 2013

Yummy of the Mood

Bryan Voltaggio- who is a Chef who participated in Top Chef (in Las Vegas) and Top Chef Masters. He lost both times after coming very close to winning. He's married, has children but I still think he's good looking. I did root for him and I like him much better than his brother Michael (who won the Top Chef title) and his food looks delicious.

His Only Boy


Classic Mirror Image

with Harpo Marx

Family Portrait(s)

Double Long Hair

At Work

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holiday Spirit

Christmas Joy

Present Loot

Christmas Cheer

Bringing Her Gifts to Her Kids

I Saw Mommy Smiling With Santa Claus

He Can Be My Present

Trimming the Tree

Father & Mother Christmas

Family Holiday Portrait

Double Santa Claus

Christmas Past

Source: Crue You Lady: The Amazing Wives, Women, Girlfriends of the band Motley Crue

Wonderful Christmas Time

How Cool Is That Christmas

Mama Claus & Her Mini Clauses

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Goodbye My SpinEllie

One of my favorite soap couples- Spinelli and Ellie- left General Hospital yesterday with Spinelli's daughter (by Maxie), baby Georgie. I will miss them and I do hope that they'll come back for a visit here and there but I am glad that they left together.

Long Live The Who

The New Ridge (with Brooke)

Thorsten Kaye is the new Ridge Forrester

A New Soapy Couple

Loves to Cook

Loves Taking PIctures

Living Love


Photo-bombing Giraffes