Monday, February 27, 2012

Lone Lioness

Nature Beauty

Same Voice

Archer, Coach McGuirk, and Bob are all voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

John the Cat Lover

Vera & Vera

If you don't know, Jayne's real first name was Vera. From my understanding, Jayne and her mother were really close. After Jayne (her only child) died, her grandchildren would visit her in Dallas, Texas during some summers and I'm sure holidays. Vera died in the 2000s, with Mariska and 2 of her brothers attending the funeral, she was buried next to Jayne.

John & Diana

Black Tie & Dress

Sunshine Faith

Sexy M&M

Making Daddy Smile

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to Port Charles

Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) has started to appear on General Hospital! Her TV parents are coming very very soon! (despite temporary)

His Name Was Earl

Former TV Brothers

Dodge's Parents

Through out the series, Earl and Joy always thought that Dodge was fathered by another man. In the final episode, Earl was really curious. Joy always secretly knew but thanks to a secret DNA test Earl did on the family's toothbrushes, it turned out that Earl was Dodge's father! However, DNA test also proved that Darnell wasn't Earl, Jr (the black kid) biological father as always thought! He was conceived during the time Earl and Joy were married, Joy was having an affair with Darnell. But, unfortunately, NBC ended the series in a cliffhanger so we'll never know who's Earl, Jr.'s biological father is...unless they make a movie. My bet is Earl! Although I just can't figure out the skin color though...but I have heard of a couple who had double set of twins, each one white and the other black!

Joy's Husbands

Earl, Joy, and Darnell

Joy's Boys

Joy Hickey Turner with Dodge and Earl, Jr.

Smoking Break

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chiahuahua Lover

I gotta be honest with you: Chiahuahuas are not my favorite kind of dog. They look more like lab possums gone wrong. For something that's small, they sure are loud, and shaky-kinda thing
Don't mean to offend chiahuahua lovers, but they aren't my thing- plus it IS my blog, I can write about my likes and dislikes all I want :-)

Girls Night Out

A Cat's Smile

In Freddie's Apatment

Paul Chows Down

Wonder what Paul's late mother would say to that? "James Paul! Manners!"
Reasoning being was that Mother Mary wanted her two boys to talk like the Queen's english rather than Liverpool's scouse. I'm sure if she hadn't died, things would've been alot different in his mannerisms!
As for me, I think that's cute- sometimes you gotta get down and dirty, especially when something taste soooo good you just can't help yourself!