Friday, April 22, 2011

John is Liam's Father...I KNEW IT!!!!

Today Marty revealed that she switched Natalie's paternity test results, changing John's name to Brody's. All this time, ever since Natalie was pregnant, I always had a hunch that John was really the biological father of Liam and now I am right and I am a happy camper (although still pissed off that One Life to Live has been canceled! I'll be doing some posts about that in the upcoming months so stay tuned, especially if you are a fan!). Besides, that baby does have John's dark hair, looking nothing like Brody.

Look One Way and Another

Missing Stabler Girls

Maureen Stabler, first child of Elliot and Kathy, played by Erin Broderick.
Elizabeth Stabler, fourth child of Elliot and Kathy, played by Patricia Cook.

Both of them haven't been seen since Season 8- four years ago! Maureen was last mentioned in season 10's Lunacy and Elizabeth was last mentioned in season 11's Perverted...even still where are they? Why are the other three children (Kathleen, Richard, and Eli) are getting the glory more often then these two? And Elizabeth is supposed to be Richard's twin sister and still living at home!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Ron Palillo, from my understand, was recovering from surgery and feeling under the weather which was why he didn't attend the 2011 TV Land Awards with his other fellow Sweathogs. He was sorely missed but I wish him well; Ron wasn't forgotten!

Baby Ben & Mom

Barbarino & Mr. Kotter

This was taken during ABC's anniversary special 8 years ago!

2011 Kotter Clan

"I have wanted to thank this man publicly for 35 years, because he put us on the map, and I never got a chance to tell Gabe 'thank you' in a big way. You know, we all wouldn’t be here today without Gabe. You're a genius. You are a gentleman. And I love you and I know we all love you.”

“Bar none, this is absolutely the coolest night in television. We’re having a blast tonight!”

"My daughter even said, ‘This show is as funny as anything we’ve ever seen today—it looks like it was made yesterday,’ and I said, ‘Honey, that’s called timeless.’ It’s a classic.” -John Travolta

“It was TV camp. These are my brothers and I love them.” -Marcia Strassman

“This is my family. I'm getting emotional right now. This is very special for me. I feel it's very overdue. It's definitely opened up my life and my bank account, as well.” -Laurence Hilton-Jacobs

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Thursday, April 14, 2011