Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

George Harrison from The Beatles as well as a solo musician in his own right. I really find George attractive during 1968.

Taste This


Nice Girl Like Cyn

"The art school party in Liverpool, in a flat in the students' accomdation, was the first all night party I ever went to...I puked up next morning. Cynthia was there, and I remember saying drunkenly to her 'I wish I had a nice girl like you'" -George

Mini Guitar

Quick Special Moment

Coffee Run

Branch Veins

Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Standing ADAs

There's news that Paula Patton will be SVU's newest ADA for season 12 after a revolving door of other in-and-out ADAs of Kim Greyleck, Sonya Paxton, Teddy Sears, Jo Marlowe; which really hasn't been done since season 1. Season 2 till 5 as well as 10 and 11 have been Alexandra Cabot and season 5 till 9 have been Casey Novak. Those two were the longest and steady ADAs of SVU's ADA history.


Last Golden Time

SVU Gay Couple

There's an episode in season 9 called Savant. Detectives Fin Tutuola and Chester Lake (played by Adam Beach) went to the Doctor's to have a chat and a pregnant lady mistaken them as a gay couple trying to have a child so Chester played up to that by putting his hand on Fin's leg. It was seriously a very funny moment, the best one yet.

Happy Times

Jeannie Doll


Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Guy Love

[J.D.] Let's face the facts about me and you,
A love unspecified.
Though I'm proud to call you "Chocolate Bear,"
The crowd will always talk and stare.
[Turk] I feel exactly those feelings, too
And that's why I keep them inside.
'Cause this bear can't bear the world's disdain,
And sometimes it's easier to hide,
Than explain our
[J.D. and Turk] Guy love,
That's all it is,
Guy love,
He's mine,
I'm his,
There's nothing gay about it in our eyes.
[Turk] You ask me 'bout this thing we share,
[J.D.] And he tenderly replies,
[Turk] It's guy love
[J.D. and Turk] Between two guys.
[Turk] We're closer than the average man and wife,
[J.D.] That's why our matching bracelets say Turk and J.D.
[Turk] You know I'll stick by for the rest of my life.
[J.D.] You're the only man who's ever been inside of me.
[Turk] Whoa, I just took out his apendix.
[J.D.] There's no need to clarify,
[Turk] Oh no?
[J.D.] Just let it grow more and more each day.
It's like I married my best friend,
[Turk] But in a totally manly way.
[J.D. and Turk] Let's go!
It's guy love,
Don't compromise,
The feeeling of some other guy,
Holding up your heart,
Into the sky.
[J.D.] I'll be there to care through all the lows.
[Turk] I'll be there to share the highs.
[J.D. and Turk] It's guy love,
Between two guys.
[J.D.] And when I say, "I love you, Turk,"
It's not what it impies.
[J.D. and Turk] It's guy love Between Two Guys

Love Story of Murder

For many years, I was interested in the story of Bonnie & Clyde. Sure they were not nice people with the robbing banks and killing people but it was their love story. I think they were the first couple to do a robbery/murdering spree.

Black and White Sean

Lorenz Tate and Steven Pasquale who play the same character name: Sean on Rescue Me. Lorenz's Sean is affectionally known as "Black" Sean to help set apart.

Cool Shades

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

John Lennon Was Handsome

Yummy of the Mood

Rusty Anderson, guitarist for Paul McCartney's current touring band from 2001 to present.

Ringo Loves Peace

The Hecks

Ocean Love Three

Spanky Buns

Detective Kat Miller

Detective Kat Miller was played by Tracie Thoms on Cold Case

Smile and Wave

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Interactive Groups

It's a clickable picture (or it should be, if it doesn't work, then click here). The fan page is run by myself, Sentamentalist, Vio, and Heloisa.

Besides Facebook, there's always Yahoo groups, you are welcome to join (although membership will be approved) if any of these are within your interest(s):
Beatles' Lovers Yahoo Group (my very first yahoo group that I made) dedicated to everyone the Beatles' have loved with parents, wives, friends, bandmates, anybody who was a part of their lives.

Beatles' Children Yahoo Group -dedicated to the children of the Beatles; spin-off from Beatles' Lovers Yahoo Group

Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison Yahoo Group -I mainly use this to announce updates of my Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison website

Mary McCartney Photography Yahoo Group -provides photographs taken by Mary McCartney (daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney)

The Young Starr Drummer: Zak Starkey Yahoo Group -dedicated to Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr. Zak is a very talented drummer in his own right, performing with The Who as well as many side projects of his own.

The Stabler Family Yahoo Group -from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in support of Detective Elliot Stabler and his wife Kathy (played by Christopher Meloni and Isabel Gillies)

Tender, Loving, and Care

Open Wide!

Premiere Party

Queen of Men's Affection

Black & White Dazzle