Monday, April 26, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

Nick Tweed-Simmons from Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed's son. I never thought I would have a crush on a guy that's younger than me ever! First time for everything I suppose.

She is Enchanting


Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, and Brad Garrett at the TV Land Awards which honored Everybody Loves Raymond

The Beat Goes On

John and Cynthia

Always Love Lucy

It's practically illegal not to love Lucy!

The Final Two

Brown Hair Duo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun on SVU set

Two riding one bike
Giddy up!
Are you mark? Get set...GO!!!

Frequent set visitor August Hermann is the son of Mariska and her husband, Peter Hermann. What an adorable little boy!!


Rico (and Private) is my favorite Penguin. He just rocks. He can barely talk, only can manage to say a few understandable words, his stomach is the storage for all the needs for when the Penguins go on their adventures.

In the Family Photographers

Mary McCartney
Astrid Kirchnerr
Linda McCartney
Pattie Boyd

Friends After Divorce

I always admire the fact that George and Pattie remained friendly after their divorce in 1977 till George's death in 2001. They didn't have any kids to share custody or anything to keep them together. I respect that; you don't often hear divorced-childless couples remain friends. Kudos to them!


I really enjoy her stand ups, I do have two of her DVDs that are enjoyable, funny. I used to like her show, Ellen (even though I got into it with repeats rather when they were new at the time). Love her character, Dori, in Finding Nemo. I don't watch her talk show all the time but I'm happy for it's success.

Talk about Cold!

Soap Shoppers

Alexis and Diane...they both rock, what can I tell ya?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Heather's Horse Refuge Plea

Our horses depend on people like you.No amount too large or too small. Please click our DONATE link or send a cheque payable to:
The Horse Refuge Dobells Farm
Moons Green
TN30 7PR
Thank you for your continued support.

Here is a letter written on behalf of The Horse Refuge by Heather McCartney:
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Paul & Linda McCartney's eldestdaughter Heather.In the southeast of England there is a truly wonderful sanctuary where no livingcreature, wild or cared for, faces persecution. It is named "The Horse Refuge"although all animals are welcomed. It is run by Sara Ross who began this projectwith a few battered, physically and mentally abused ponies. Some haveoverwhelming marks and scars that are to brutal to explain here.Not only is the Refuge home to the Europe's tallest Shire horse "Duke" it isalso the refuge for many survivors of terrible cruelty. For example,"Fly-by-Night" who, as a foal, was rescued at the moment he was about to bethrown alive into an open grave.Each of the forty horses at the Refuge has an equally horrific story.I believe that no other sanctuary is able to care for them in the same skilfulway, as Sara has painstakingly regained their trust over many years.Now all is about to change for the worse.The land that the Refuge is homed on is being put up for sale, Sara and herhorses face eviction unless funds can be raised to purchase the land andguarantee their futures. It will be impossible to finance this from localcommunity resources alone.These forty magnificent horses potentially face slaughter.If their home cannot be secured their fate cannot be secured.This is why we need you.The asking price for the land, bungalow and stables is £600,000.Time is short too. This amount needs to be raised by the end of January 2010!We are asking for your help to raise this total through individual donations. As you may know, my family has a long history of involvement in animal welfare.Never before have I witnessed such a unique sanctuary as The Horse Refuge.Thank you for reading. Please, please act now.
Heather L McCartney

First and Second Wives

George's Widow and Ex Wife
John's Widow and Ex Wife (and two sons)

Linda died before Heather Mills came into Paul's life; no clue about Barbara and Maureen...if there's a picture of the two of them, please let me know!

Yummy of the Mood

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Julian

Julian is 47 today!!

Twenty Five Years

OK technically it wasn't really 25 years since Luke and Laura divorced; Luke remarried to Tracy Quatermaine while Laura went to Paris to receive treatment from her catatonic phase (long story, after all this was a soap opera!)

Old Girlfriend

Before Nancy Shevell, Heather Mills, Linda McCartney, and Jane Asher, there was Dot Rhone who dated Paul from 1959 till 1962.


I have all three ladies' cookbooks (well majority of them at least!)


Beautiful Glow

Angry Sex

Christine Lahti may have appeared in 5 episodes of SVU playing a determined ass kicker ADA Sonya Paxton who butted heads with Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson, especially Elliot. Those two have gotten into heated tension confrontations that I actually expected them to go right at it right there with angry passion. I would have cheered even despite my desire to keep the Stabler marriage going.