Monday, January 25, 2010

Goo Goo Dolls

Love the band. Would love to see them in concert one day.

History Buff

Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry the VIII and mother of Elizabeth I. She's my favorite of Henry's 6 wives.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Paul Arm in Arm with a Lady

Paul sure liked to have his woman have her arm around his...starting with Jane Asher (1963-1968), Linda Eastman McCartney (1968-1998), Heather Mills McCartney (1999-2006/2008- divorce), and now Nancy Shevell (2008-present)

Blast from the Past

Back when Sarah Brown was playing Carly, I used to pray, plead that Carly and Jason would get together. I loved it when they were sex buddies with no name at first and became best friends. I knew that they loved each other and I wanted them to be together but instead that stupid Sonny ruined it. When Sarah came back to General Hospital as Claudia, my dream couple sparked up again for Claudia and Jason to get together and that included the allowing urge to squash my Jason-Sam dreams. But...instead...Jason hated Claudia's guts and once again, Sonny ruined everything by marrying Claudia all because he wanted back as a mobster and then Michael the brat son of Sonny's (and, ironically, Carly's) killed Claudia breaking my Sarah Brown-Steve Burton chemistry for a good long time.

I believe Claudia is still alive...why haven't we seen the charcoal remains of "Claudia"???? Sarah Brown is now on Bold & Beautiful for two years so after that gig...I have hope. Soap characters come back from the dead all the time, it's pracically a requirement!

I admit it

I'm a grown woman who loves to watch Penguins of Madagascar. It's a cute show! I love all characters. Rico and Private are my favorite, followed by Skipper and Kolwaski

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

True Blondie

Debbie Harry from Blondie

Jane Asher

For her age in her 60's, Jane Asher looks real good for her age.
Jane doesn't talk about her past relationship with Paul in her interviews and that's great; but I do wonder about one thing- does she still have her engagement ring from Paul?

John Lennon Was Handsome

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"SVU" fans

My friend metalchick and I go to the same forum,, and well, let me first tell you: that forum should be rename "EO" because that's what it is. And as you know from a previous blog that that's not what I am. A majority of the EO shippers there hate Kathy with a passion, calling her "AK" which stands for Apathy Kathy for what she had done in an episode called Dependent where Kathy saw the news about Elliot's job being on the line to the point where he could be fired and not stepping up to defend her husband. Well metalchick wrote on her blog about it and I wrote a comment (it's under Anonymous, I am not trying to hide but it's reason because I don't have an ID in LiveJournal so the openID option didn't work for me):
With the "Apathy", well I do believe Kathy was very much concerned about Elliot however what could she possibly do? Elliot was in trouble with the IAB and she hadn't lived with Elliot for two years at the time, plus she doesn't work alongside Elliot either. Another thing, IAB didn't call on Kathy so she couldn't defend her soon-to-be-ex-at-the-time husband. Kathy could have visited Elliot at his apt. sure, but knowing Elliot he would've said thanks and be closed guarded, wanting to be alone as we've seen him do that so many times before. If Elliot didn't talk to her while they were married before the separation, then when Elliot went to her house, he didn't even come with details about what happen other then that he almost lost his job and got it back. What would EO shippers think what would happen if Kathy came forth and Elliot turned her away?

Olivia stepped up to the plate, defending Elliot, trying to fight for his career (because, according to them, she's in love with him)...meanwhile Melinda Warner visited Elliot and she was really the one who saved Elliot's career. Well anyway, EO shippers love to paint Kathy as this slut who seduced Elliot who was in pain after seeing some children die with a bullet wound and took advantage of him, getting pregnant and begged Elliot to come home so now Elliot's in this loveless marriage with a toddler who may not even been his (their words, not mine) while lusting after the true love of his life, his work partner. Well as an EK shipper, it's my duty to defend my ship...first off, in Dependent Elliot went to Kathy's house and told her that he loves his job and his family, he wants to come home; then in Annihilated, he called Kathy to come by and check on his kids after finding three dead children and a wife while husband was wounded (the husband did it and tried to pin it on the wife because she found out that he was cheating on her). Kathy invited Elliot to stay which lead to them conceiving their fifth child...Kathy did not force Elliot to sleep with her. "Stay" could have easily meant that Elliot could sleep on the couch or the guestroom if he wanted to be near his kids making him feel better. Plus the bedroom door was wide open so he could have easily turned around and left. Well Elliot chose to be with his wife. As for Kathy 'begging' for Elliot to come home when she's pregnant, well if Elliot had found out another way about Kathy's pregnancy, he would have moved back home anyway. In season 6's Birthright, Casey asked Elliot if he had another child out there would he want it? Elliot replied 'damn right I would' and went on how it's love for the child, how he would die for his kids. So obviously, when he found out that Kathy was pregnant Elliot would want to be there and it's not because Kathy told him to. And the part where EO shippers would want Eli not to be Elliot's well...that's their assumption, not mine. Eli is Elliot's. It's been pointed out by Neal Baer, the Executive Producer of the show and you can't get any topper then that...unless of course Eli comes down with something that needs a blood transfusion, or a kidney, or bone marrow. If they do something about that and it does prove that Eli's Elliot's child, yeah, I'm not going to lie, I'll laugh hard. However there's a thing that is just ridiculous from the posts I've read: Eli is not Elliot's child because he as curly hair...!!!! Seriously???? Hmm well when I was Eli's age (who is two years old now but at the time he was a year old during season 10) I had curly hair just like his and my mom has straight straight does that mean my mom is not my mom? I would like to bet that if they look at their own baby picture at the age of one a good majority of them will have curly hair with straight-haired parents. I can guarantee it. I should note now that in season 11, Eli's hair has gotten straight...I'm not sure if it's played by the same baby as season 10 or not, hard to tell and the little actor's name doesn't appear on the credits.
Oh, and by the way for the record and side note, Maureen, Kathleen, Elizabeth, and Eli are all blonde hair, like Kathy's and in season 10 Elliot's mother Bernadette was first introduced and she had blonde hair, so the blonde hair gene does run in Elliot's side of the family as well as wavy hair. Dickie/Richard's hair in the first season was blonde but by the second season onward it turned brown.

I'll tell ya, it's hard to post in that forum, aka You talk or defend your ship and you get all these little pirates coming at you with swords and cannon balls when all you are doing is sharing your own opinion and love for a couple just like they all are doing, you'd think it would be like equality in a way, respect even. But no. Nonshippers of EO walk on eggshells or not visit, only visit rarely. That's what happened to me- it was over a year until I came back to the board and even still I don't go there as often as I once did when I first joined. It's not even just Kathy, it's also AO (Alexandra Cabot and Olivia), or anybody else who stands in the way, like Kurt Moss, Dani Beck, even Brian Cassidy from the first season, whoever Elliot and Olivia have planted lips or flirted around with. It's amazing that Dean Porter won over at least a half of the EO shippers, being placed as #2 for Olivia's love life partner. Who ever stands in the way of the "love" Elliot and Olivia, then they are viewed as the enemy and so are the fans who happen to ship some other couple. They say our opinion is welcomed, entitled, but regardless it always ends up the same way.

EO shippers, before you hit the reply to blog post, keep in mind that my blog is moderated and the messages get approved by me (on any of my posts)...just thought you should know that.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yummy of the Mood

Michael Lombardi who plays Mike Silletti on Rescue Me

Cartoon Babies

Love Stewie Griffin (from Family Guy) and Maggie Simpson (from The Simpsons). They are my favorites characters from the shows and they are both babies!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eternal Stars II

I already did the late female stars so now it's time for the male, favorite musicians and actors who have passed on and to be remembered.
Mike Smith (from the Dave Clark 5)
Keith Moon
John Ritter

John Lennon

James Dean

George Harrison

Freddie Mercury

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

John and Cyn

These are some of my favorites of John and Cynthia together. Thanks to Lynn, starshyne, Caitlin, Tammy, and Vio from A Place for Cynthia Lennon Yahoo Group

Look A Like Sisters

Paul McCartney's two daughters- Stella (a famous fashion designer) and Beatrice. It's amazing how these two look so much alike!!! It does makes sense too, they are related! However they are not full sisters, they are half sisters. Stella's mom was Linda and Beatrice's mom is Heather Mills (Paul also has a daughter named Heather, it can get pretty confusing), both moms are blonde and blue eyed. What's funny is that Stella wasn't too crazy about Beatrice's mom; however the good news is that Stella seems to love Beatrice very much, she has even been seen at Stella's fashion show in 2008 in Liverpool and I've never heard anything negative between them.

I wonder if both Paul and Stella, even Heather Mills too, have noticed a strong resemblence?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Law & Order: SVU "Shipper"

For those who don't know, a 'shipper' comes from the word relationship; usually someone who wants a TV pair together romantically.

Anyway, on Law & Order: SVU, there's a good majority number of viewers that would want partners Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson together. The 'only' problem is that Elliot's married to Kathy, so of course, the EO shippers have a grudge against her. Meanwhile, I am not an "EO" shipper by any means. Yes they do have chemistry but it's not the kind of chemistry that would glowing with great brightness once they kiss or sleep together, whatever. To me, if it goes that direction, the chemistry would be tainted. I prefer Elliot with Kathy; I think it provides some sort of a balance with the detectives with Elliot married with kids, Olivia single, John Munch being married and divorce 4 times, Fin Tutuola being divorced with a kid, Cragen widowed, all could relate to a family member, victim, or even suspect.
Despite whatever EO shippers may think, I do believe Elliot does love Kathy, in love with her. Although I would have preferred him to go home before the pregnancy announcement rather then after, I'm just plainly happy that they didn't get a divorce! In Burned, Kathy said that Olivia brought Elliot stability but I disagree with that- it's Kathy who brings stability to Elliot, she brings out the calm zen in him while separated he was a loose cannon.

Of course I do want Olivia to have a boyfriend, in fact the perfect man I have in mind for her is FBI Dean Porter. Except in the last episode he was in, Spooked, Olivia used him for a date and at the end he told her that their personal feelings wouldn't have matter. Ouch. But...I still have a little faith as Dean is still alive. As the Executive Producer Neal Baer likes to chant "never say never"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eternal Stars I

I would like to remember some of my favorite singers and actresses who are with us no more.

Dusty Springfield

Lucille Ball

Linda McCartney, Photographer, Wings band member, wife of Paul McCartney

Jayne Mansfield

Elizabeth Montgomery

Carole Lombard

And for bonus...she's neither an actress or a musician/singer but I admire her

Maureen Starkey Tigrett, ex wife of Ringo Starr

Men will be coming up case you were wondering....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Yummy of the...

I haven't decided to do Week or Month depends how often I'm on the blog and if I would even to remember. Plus some of them are really bound to be repeated, depending on my mood. Ok let's do this as Yummy of the Mood as an annual thing. I like the name. It suits my idea.

James Dean.

I should mention that dead guys are included too, I don't wanna leave anyone out and just stick with the alive guys. That's very impossible for me. So dead and alive guys will share the Yummy of the Mood. I want to note that so I won't find any comments or emails 'educating' me that James Dean, among a few others, is dead. Just because they are dead doesn't mean they should be left out, they deserve love still as well as being remembered.

Wanna hear something creepy? James Dean died on September 30, 1955, 24 years old. In 2005, marked 50 years of his death...that same year I turned 24...5 days before the 50th anniversary milestone. Well, it's a little creepy to me.

Ringo's Loves

I know Ringo has often referred second wife Barbara Bach as the 'love of his life' and right he should be. They have been married for 28 years and are still going strong. However, I do believe that Ringo has two loves of his life, Barbara and his first wife Maureen. Not just because Maureen is the classic 'mother of his children' but it's also because Maureen knew Ringo before he joined the Beatles, she knew Richie Starkey, pre famous when nobody knew his name. Ringo has always counted Maureen as his family, and he was at her bedside when she passed away 15 years ago.


This picture is so cool, I love it. Taken in 2009 of Cynthia Lennon (ex wife of John) and Pattie Boyd (ex wife of George Harrison & Eric Clapton).

Photo from Forever Pattie Boyd Yahoo Group

Brings Me Joy

I have written in the previous post about James Franco and mentioned Bold and Beautiful....
I first started to watch General Hospital in 1995 and I remember it was when Lily Corintoes got blown up in a car explosion meant for Sonny. At first I thought soaps were stupid but the next thing you know I got sucked in. Then I remember Sarah Brown coming on General Hospital and from the start I was on her side. Then a few years later she left and I was sad, another actress (Tamara Braun) replaced her. I didn't watch Sarah on As The World Turns because at the time I was also watching One Life to Live and then she was done and for me, when Spencer Truman took over the damn show I quit watching. Then Sarah came back to General Hospital as Claudia Zacharra and once again I loved her character from the start, even before she came on the show! So then I was on Claudia's side as I was with her Carly's side, ok I admit some of the things Claudia as done has made me think that she's nuts but she was easily forgiven in my book. Then Sarah left and went on to Bold and Beautiful. I used to watch Bold and Beautiful off and on through the years so now since Sarah's there I can watch it. I don't watch it every day but at least I know who's who (for the majority of the part).

I'm still with General Hospital. It's going to be 15 years of watching this year.

James Franco on General Hospital

Happy New Year!

Photo by ABC

Imagine my surprise just this last summer when news that James Franco, who is one of my favorite actors since I first saw him in a TV movie James Dean (another of my favorite actors), decided that he wanted to act on General Hospital (my soap to watch, although now Bold and Beautiful has joined the list but more about that another post). That piece of news just had me so giddy and not only that! James Franco was going to play mostly against Steve Burton, who is my crush on the soap (we all have them, don't deny it)!!! That alone made my year of 2009. This month, January of 2010, Franco will be going bye bye so I thought to put him up. He did say in one interview that he's willing to come back to General Hospital so I do hope so! I have recorded his appearances on tape, clips or whole episodes I have them. This is something that's not going to come out on DVD so I had to do what I can do!